Students - Why do we Grade?

Why do we grade? We grade to learn.

We grade to allow our technical standards to be judged and assessed by more knowledgeable, experienced, and higher graded individuals in order to advance in Karate.
A grading is an important way to get our deficiencies ironed out and allow us to recognise these technical failings and practice to improve on them. A student who takes a grade failing with this attitude, accepts his mistakes, and practises to improve all his Karate will obviously advance in the correct way.
It must also be remembered that when you pass a grade, then move on to prepare for the next grading, all that has been taught and learnt prior to this grade must be practised in the same way.
Very often aspects of a previous grade may, and will, be used again. We advance not just in grade, but also technically and mentally. We learn to practise regularly at home to remember all that we have been taught – it becomes reactionary.

Remember; 'Repetition creates reaction!'

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