Students - Introduction

There is an irony. If you study Karate you are always a student, even when you are an esteemed instructor!

Traditional Karate is a life long path of learning. We have known 3rd Dans who are fully focused on their immediate Karate but not so aware of wider issues. Yet, we know 8th Dans who have such a comprehensive knowledge that it would take a life time to hear what they have learnt.

The line between students and instructors is a fine one, especially as 1st and 2nd Dans frequently instruct and even open their own clubs. For the purpose of Karatesite we define students as anyone below and up to typically 1st Dan (Black Belt).

Whether you are just starting your training, or are becoming aware of the wider possibilities in Karate we hope to offer some insight over time as our site grows.

As with any other section of our site, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we will help if we can!

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