Spectators - Introduction

There are dozens of Karate competitions throughout the UK each year attracting many spectators.

Most spectators are likely to be parents, grandparents, partners and other family members. We try to take friends along to offer them an enjoyable day out & the chance to see an event they would probably not usually experience.

Karate competitions are always entertaining to watch. In a typical day you are likely to witness superb displays of Kata (form) and Kumite (thrilling fights). Most of the time there are several events happening simultaneously so there is always something to watch.

Best of all, even large competitions are relatively inexpensive to attend with entrance fees typically around £5.00 for an adult and well priced food and drinks available from the restaurants of most sports facilities.

We feel Karate competitions make a great day out for spectators and hope that if you have never been before then we might persuade you give it a go!

Here we hope to give some insights to help new spectators enjoy and understand their day out more! We also offer a growing list of reviews of facilities so you know what to expect before arriving.

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