Parents - Introduction

Parents are as important to the future of Karate in the UK as the young students they support.

At the heart of Karate is the relationship between the student and instructor. It has always been this way in any martial art. A good student depends on a good instructor and a good instructor is measured by the best they can make of their students.

Naturally parents can have a huge impact on a student's progress, especially where students show a natural ability to rapidly progress in their studies. For the best students there is potentially a huge commitment placed on parents to support regular training, specialist courses and the competition circuit both nationally and internationally. This commitment takes the form of both time and money.

Added to this, Karate may appear at times rather complicated to understand. Most parents have a good understanding of cricket, football & tennis etc., but Karate is a personal journey for the student and one which quickly introduces the Japanese language. What Karate is and what it appears to be are frequently at odds with one another.

Here we hope to offer insight and advice both practically and philosophically. We hope to cover topics for parents who are new to Karate and those with a developed knowledge.

As with other sections if you have something to say or ask please feel free to get in touch with us.

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