Our Thoughts - Greg Francis English Karate Federation Board Resignation Letter. 

Karate-site feels very strongly that this is a very sad day for Karate indeed.

Dear Karateka, 

On Friday 14th October I reluctantly resigned as a Director from ...the EKF. I came to this decision after significant angst and deliberation. Ultimately my passion for Karate and desire to stand strong with my suspended colleagues was superseded by my principled and professional perspective, namely that the hearing is unjustified and openly prejudiced towards a negative decision. This was proved to be the case with the dismissal of Steve and Ivor on Saturday even though their contentions were credible and evidentially supported.

As a Magistrate for 20 years and Senior Officer with the National Crime Agency I operate in an environment where all processes are undertaken in a fair, just and reasonable manner. It is clear from the Board's biased, prejudicial, public letters circulated to HoA's and published on the EKF website, those principles are not uppermost in their mind. Simply put, my attendance at the hearing would have legitimised a flawed and compromised process orchestrated by individuals absent of integrity and lacking in credibility. An appearance in front of the Authors of those juvenile letters sanctioned by the EKF Lawyer was unpalatable and the outcome predetermined. I had asked, in the light of their negative communications, for an Independent panel. I, not for the first time, received no reply.

To make matters worse they (the Board) now, from a position of strength, are able to issue a statement to the members, the majority who are in the dark,proclaiming a unanimous vote to remove two of the most honest and erstwhile individuals we all know and respect..This will obfuscate if not justify their published statements about us former Directors.

This decision, as was our suspension, was undertaken in your name i.e. "in the interests of the members"..

I apologise wholeheartedly to you all for seemingly not staying the path but I cant impress enough that I am not walking away from this situation.I hope you all remain resolute as I do in bringing openness and transparency to the governance of English Federation. There are now 36 signatories to the petition and I believe you can justifiably make a collective request to the Board for an EGM. Two resignations and Two dismissals of elected Directors since the 24th July is unacceptable.. The Board can coopt on 4 members. This would mean that 6 out of 11 members would be unelected. a ludicrous situation that on its own, within any other company, would warrant an EGM. That aside, who are we now left with at the helm of the EKF:Mick Billman - Unelected, Mick Dinsdale - Unelected and Peter Consterdine elected by stealth, not the will of the members from the looks on the faces in the room at the AGM. It is also explicitly clear that he is being groomed for the Presidents election next May.As for the the remainder on the Board, they are either strategically passive and/or motivated by self interest..

Admittedly I had advanced warning of the deviance I was to encounter.. On submission of my Nomination Form I immediately faced two attempts by Mick Billman supported by Ian Stebbings the Lawyer, to disqualify me from the process. Their arguments were both overturned and the questions I asked never satisfactorily answered. The current Board are fully aware of this.. Please see the attached emails. There is a wealth of other information you all should know Including the failure of Mick Billman and Ian Stebbings to declare their business relationships, past and present. Why has this information not been made available to the Board and the members. These are some of the reasons we need an EGM.

In closing I thank you all for your support and I emain optimistic that we can bring real change to the Governance of karate. Do not forget the real power, as always, in the hands of informed members.


Greg Francis


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