Wado-ryu - Teruo Kono, (8th Dan 1934-2000)

Hachidan President, Federation of European Wado Kai

Teruo Kono was born 1934 in Yokohama and studied architecture. After working in several building firms in Japan he went to England and later to Germany, where he became a managing director of several export firms.
Between 1956 and 1960 he was the top point fighter in Japan. Additionally, he was also Coach of the famous Nichidai University and various other university clubs in Japan and in Europe. Kono Sensei was the National Coach of Central Japan, England, Holland, Yugoslavia, Germany.
Kono Sensei came to England, then Holland, and finally Germany during the mid 1960s. He became the Head Instructor of Wado-ryu in Germany, as well as President of the Wado-ryu Instructor Organisation.
In 1986, Kono Sensei was named the Chairman of the Federation of European Wado Kai. Kono Sensei held the rank of 8th Dan (Hachidan) in both Wado-ryu Karate-do and Shinto Yoshinryu Jiujitsu.

Personal History

  • 1956 to 1960 - Best fighter of Japan.
  • 1958 to 1964 - Coach of many University Karate Clubs in Japan.
  • 1963 to 1964 - National Coach of Japan.
  • 1965 - National Coach of England.
  • 1966 to 1970 - National Coach of Holland.
  • 1967 to 1975 - Coach of Karate Clubs and Universities in Belgium and Yugoslavia.
  • 1970 to 1971 - National Coach in Yugoslavia.
  • 1973 to 1983 - National Coach of Wado Germany.
  • Until 1978 - Technical Advisor to the Coach of the National Team in the DKV.
  • 1983 - Coach of the Wado-ryu group in the DKV as well as Advisor of the DKV.
  • 1995 - Awarded the title of Hanshi by JKF-WadoKai.

Kono Sensei died on April 22, 2000 aged 66 from acute pneumonia.

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