Wado-ryu - Gary Swift 8th Dan

Gary Swift was born in Leigham Terrace, Plymouth, Devon, in 1956. He started his martial-arts training in 1966 at the age of 10, whilst at his junior school at Laira Green. His first taste of martial-arts was learning the popular systems, at that time, of Ju-jutsu and Judo.

After a move to Prince Rock Senior School he was also introduced to the skills of Thai-boxing (known back then as simply Kick-boxing (not to be confused with modern Kick Boxing that was introduced from America)) by one of his gym teachers.

Upon his arrival to the South of England in 1972, from Liskeard, he started Wado-ryu Karate at the age of 16 in Guildford and Bisley (Surrey), under his most influential Instructor Mick Rapley (7th Dan), in 1973 (affiliated to the United Kingdom Karate Federation (later to be known as the United Kingdom Karate-do Wadokai)). Sensei Mick Rapley was one of the earliest Wado-ka to ever obtain his Black-belt grade in this country under Tatsuo Suzuki 8th Dan Hanshi. Regular instructors at this time also included Suzuki Tatsuo Hanshi, Maeda Tadayuki Sensei, Shiomitsu Hanshi and Kobayashi Katsumi Sensei.

From this day onwards he also studied numerous other forms of Karate, as well as Shorinji-kempo, Muay-Thai, Malaysian Taekwondo (Thoi-kuen-do), Korean HoSin-sul Hapkido, various weapons systems, and a variety of other Japanese, Korean, and Chinese martial-arts.

Today he is holder of numerous titles and ranks in martial-arts including 8th Dan in Wado-ryu Karate, 2nd Dan in Korean HoSinsul Hapkido, and 1st Dan in Malaysian Taekwondo (Thoi-kuen-do).

He is the Chief Instructor to British Wadokai Karate, which has foundations that were established in 1965. British Wadokai Karate was formally the Domei Kokusai Wadokai (D.K.W.), created in 1976, until being renamed in May 2007.

Gary Swift Kyoshi has also had the honour of training and being graded under Ohtsuka Hironori Meijin 10th Dan (founder of Wado-ryu) in 1976.

Japanese Wado instructors have included (although not limited to): Tatsuo Suzuki 8th Dan Hanshi, Katsumi Kobayashi Sensei, Masafumi Shiomitsu 9th Dan Hanshi, Yoshitsugu Shinohara 8th Dan Shihan, Tadayuki Maeda Sensei, Kuniaki Sakagami 7th Dan, Masahiro Yanagawa 8th Dan, Kengo Sugiura 8th Dan, Toru Arakawa 9th Dan, Shingo Ohgami 7th Dan, Koji Okumachi 7th Dan, Katsumi Hakoishi 8th Dan, Mizuho Ashihara 8th Dan. Other instructors have also included the famous: Tomiyama Keiji 7th Dan Shihan (Shito-ryu), Hoi Hean Thow 8th Dan (D.K.W.-Wadoryu, Thoi-kuen-do, Tong-long, Bo-jutsu, Escrima), Dr. Julian S Lim 8th Dan (Hapkido, HoSin-sul).

His return to Plymouth, in July 2004, has allowed him to open up a new branch within British Wadokai (B.W.K.) in Plymouth (Devon), the Plymstock Wadoryu Karate Club (Pomphlett); as the British Wadokai Honbu Dojo.

During the closing ceremony of the 2007 WadoEXL Gary was awarded the 'prestigious' commemorative award for the 'Promotion and Preservation of Wadokai and Wado-ryu Karate', an honour he will always be proud of.

Welcome to the Eikoku Wado Kai Karate Jujutsu Renmei
(British Wadokai Karate Jujutsu Federation)

Keeping it consistent with authentic 'undiluted' Wado-ryu of mainstream British Wadokai Karate.

British Wadokai (BWK) was formed under the direction of Gary Swift 8th Dan Kyoshi, who started martial-arts training in 1966 at the age of 10. BWK is a friendly and traditional Wadoryu Karate organisation providing the highest standard of support, guidance and benefits to all students and clubs in membership.

Serving Communities with the Authentic, Original and Traditional Wadoryu Karate Ju-Jutsu syllabus of the British Wado Kai Karate-do Federation. "It's the original syllabus, we don't 'make it up' along the way!"

Authentic British Wadokai Karate; as introduced from Japan and practised within the UK since 1963. The ONLY organisation teaching authentic historic British Wadokai Karate under the official Governing Bodies of the British, European and International Wado Federations.

Plymouth University
The University of Plymouth Karate Club. Pitt's Gymnasium, Gilwell Place, Plymouth, Devon. PL4 8AP.
Tuesday 8-10pm. Instructor: Richard House 3rd Dan.
Thursday 8-10pm. Instructor: Gary Swift 8th Dan Kyoshi.
Assistant Instructor: Mike Diggle 1st Dan.
Contact: University of Plymouth Students' Union (UPSU).
Address: University of Plymouth Students' Union, Drake Circus Plymouth, Devon. PL4 8AA.
Contact: Phone: 01752 588388.
Email: lucas.michaelides@students.plymouth.ac.uk

Pomphlett & Plymstock
British Wado Kai Honbu (HQ) Dojo. Plymouth Karate Club, Pomhett. Pomphlett Church, Pomphlett Gardens, Pomphlett, Plymstock, Plymouth, Devon. PL9 7BL.
Tuesday Nights: 7-8.30pm. All ages 9 years & above (younger if already training or with previous training history). Open all-year. Closed during Christmas School Holidays only.
Instructor: GE Swift 8th Dan Kyoshi. Tel: 01752-493210.
Email: britishwadokai@yahoo.co.uk
Price: £5 per session. 2 or more family units £4 per student. Train more than once a week for £3.50 per extra session/s.

Plymouth Schools of Karate Members who train more than once a week can have their extra training session/s, within that same week, at £3.50 per session.
Website: British Wado Kai Southwest: www.wadokaisouthwest.com

Grey Wolf Wadoryu Karate Club. Down Ampney Village Hall, Down Ampney Road, Down Ampney, Cirencester, Gloucestershire. GL7 5QR.
Wednesday. 6.15-7.15pm Beginners of all ages and family groups. 7.15-8.15pm Adult Training (16 years old and over).
Instructor: Mick Adams 5th Dan.
Contact: Tel: 07977-096343.
Email: mick@greywolfkarate.org
Website: www.greywolfkarate.org
British Wadokai: www.wadokaisouthwest.com/cirencester

Grey Wolf Wadoryu Karate Club. Kempsford Village Hall, High Street, Kempsford, Gloucestershire
Monday (adults). 7-8.30pm.
Instructor Mick Adams 5th Dan.
Contact: Tel: 07977-096343.
Email: mick@greywolfkarate.org
Website: www.greywolfkarate.org
British Wadokai: www.wadokaisouthwest.com/cirencester

Meysey Hampton
Grey Wolf Wadoryu Karate Club. Meysey Hampton Memorial Hall, Church Street, Meysey Hampton, Gloucestershire. GL7 6JS.
Saturday. Adults; 8-9am. Mixed; 9-10am.
Instructor Mick Adams 5th Dan.
Contact: Tel: 07977-096343.
Email: mick@greywolfkarate.org
Website: www.greywolfkarate.org
British Wadokai: www.wadokaisouthwest.com/cirencester

Ko-Bo Wado Karate Club. Cranfield University, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham, Oxfordshire. SN6 8LA.
Instructor Piers MacLean 2nd Dan.
Wednesday 2-4pm. Open to all on the Defence Academy site.
Contact: Piers MacLean 2nd Dan.
Tel: 01793-785291
Email: p.j.maclean@cranfield.ac.uk

Combe Florey
Combe Florey Mizuchi Karate Club.
Combe Florey Village Hall, Combe Florey, Somerset. TA4 3JD.
Fridays 6.15pm-7.30pm. Children are accepted from age 7 upwards.
Instructor: Mike Williams 3rd Dan.
Contact: Darran Queenan 2nd Dan.
Tel: 07914-411980.
Email: mizuchiwadokai@gmail.com
Website: www.mizuchikarate.weebly.com

Cranleigh Karate Club - Hakutsuru Dojo (Est. 1976). Cranleigh Youth Centre, Snoxhall Fields, off Knowle Lane, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8JW.
Friday: 7-9pm.
Instructor: Ian Hunter 7th Dan.
Contact: Tel: 01428-685093.
Email: ianhunter01@live.co.uk
Websites: Cranleigh Karate Club: www.plymouthkarateclubs.weebly.com/cranleigh
British Wadokai: www.wadokai.co.uk

Cranleigh School
Cranleigh School Karate (Est. 1982). Cranleigh School, Horseshoe Lane, Cranleigh, Surrey. GU6 8QQ.
Monday (term time only): 7-8pm. Juniors (minimum age 7)
Instructor: James Taylor 5th Dan.
Contact: Tel: 01403-822173.
Email: jimtaylor_cranleigh@hotmail.com
Website: www.plymouthkarateclubs.weebly.com/cranleigh-school
British Wadokai: www.wadokai.co.uk

Burgess Hill
Zanshin Wadoryu Karate Club. Oakmeeds Community College, Station Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex. RH15 9EA.
Friday: 6.15-7.15pm. All grades. 7.30-8.30pm. 6th Kyu & Above.
Instructors: Senior Instructor: Mark Brown 1st Dan.
Instructor: Robbie Baldock 2nd Dan.
Contact Zanshin Wadoryu. Email: admin@zanshinwado.co.uk
Websites: Zanshin Wadoryu Karate Club: www.zanshinwado.co.uk
British Wadokai: www.wadokai.co.uk

Horsham Wado Karate Club. Kingslea Primary School, Kings Road, Horsham, West Sussex. RH13 5PS.
Wednesday: 7-9pm.
Instructor: Gordon Hoare 6th Dan.
Tel: 01403-253782.
Email: horsham.dkw.karate@talktalk.net
Website: Horsham Wado: www.horshamwado.weebly.com
British Wadokai: www.wadokai.co.uk

Tozai (East West) Wado Karate. St Aidans Community Centre, Brunton Park, Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Tuesday: 6.30-7.30pm.
Instructor: Michael Ilderton 6th Dan.
Contact: Tel: Home 01912-362899. Mobile: 07944675260.
Email: mike@park-drive.co.uk

Tozai (East West) Wado Karate. Great Park Community Centre Rosedean Way, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE139BD
Wednesday; 6.30-8.30pm.
Instructor: Michael Ilderton 6th Dan.
Contact: Tel: Home 01912-362899. Mobile: 07944675260.
Email: mike@park-drive.co.uk

Crowcombe Mizuchi Karate. Crowcombe Village Hall, Crowcombe, Somerset. TA4 4AQ.
Wednesday nights 6.30pm to 8.00pm. Please check website for non-training Wednesdays. £5 a session, discount for additional family members. Age 8 upwards.
Instructor: Darran Queenan 2nd Dan
Contact: Tel: 07914-411980.
Email: mizuchiwadokai@gmail.com
Website: www.mizuchikarate.weebly.com

British Wadokai
Gary Swift Kyoshi, 8th Dan
Telephone: 01752-493210

Website: British Wadokai
Email: britishwadokai@yahoo.co.uk

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