Karate Issues - Useful PDF Documents Supplied by NSPCC & the Child Protection in Sport Unit

The following PDF's can also be found here: www.nspcc.org.uk/Inform/cpsu/Resources/Publications/publications_wda60545.html

  • High quality community sport for young people: operational standards and guidance for organisations who do not have a recognised club accreditation standard (PDF, 792KB)
    Published by Sport England (2009). This high quality activity guidance was developed in partnership with the CPSU, Sport England, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), key partners from youth & voluntary sectors, governing bodies of sport and county sport partnerships. The guidance incorporates minimum operating standards for safeguarding children and young people.
  • Helping keep your child safe in sport: child protection leaflet for parents (PDF, 232KB)
    Published by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) (2007). A guidance leaflet produced by the DCMS for parents and carers which provides advice to help them ask the right questions about important child protection measures that sports providers should have in place, wherever and whatever their child participates in.
  • General Club Medical Information Form (PDF, 16KB)
  • Sample Club Trip Consent Form (PDF, 20KB)
  • Standards for safeguarding and protecting children in sport (PDF, 5.43MB)
    Ten Standards developed by Sport England Governing Body Services and the Sports Task Force on Policy and Standards. Based on current good practice and are informed by legislation and guidance; evidence from research; and experience of what works, drawing from the field of child protection and from sport.
    The standards provide a national benchmark of good practice to work towards. They raise awareness and help organisations know what they need to do to protect children involved in sport and to minimise avoidable risks. When implemented fully they should provide parents with increased confidence and peace of mind. Most important of all, they should help create safer environments for children, where they can enjoy and get the very best from their involvement in sport. The standards:
    • help create a safe sporting environment for children and young people and protect them from harm
    • provide a benchmark to assist those involved in sport to make informed decisions
    • promote good practice and challenge practice that is harmful to children.
  • A framework for safeguarding and protecting children in and through sport in Wales (PDF, 5.43MB)
    The safeguarding framework is an overarching approach to safeguarding children in and through sport. It incorporates standards, support, progress and evaluation. The framework consists of five standards that a sports organisation should demonstrate it undertakes at all levels of its sport.
    Fframwaith ar gyfer diogelu a gwarchod plant mewn a thrwy gyfrwng chwaraeon yng Nghymru (Welsh language version) (PDF, 3.3MB)
  • Strategy for safeguarding children and young people in sport (2006-2012) (PDF, 2.4MB)
    A strategic framework outlining what needs to be achieved between 2006-2012 to protect children from abuse during their participation in sport.
    Designed to inform the work and strategic planning of sports organisations in England.
  • Roles, skills, knowledge and competencies for safeguarding and protecting children in the sports sector: guidance document (PDF, 296KB)
    December 2007. A toolkit designed to provide guidance and practical assistance for those involved in developing implementation plans for safeguarding children and young people, including those tasked with education, training and workforce planning for staff and volunteers.

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