Karate Issues - Late Collection of Children

Help and advice from the Child Protection in Sport Unit
Here are some practical ways for your organisation to help safeguard the children and young people who take part in your activities:

Late collection of children by parents presents clubs and coaches with a potentially difficult situation. Your organisation should develop written guidelines for parents, this could be included in a parents/carers code of conduct which explains your policy for dealing with late collection of children.

  • make clear that it is not your organisation's responsibility to transport children home on behalf of parents who have been delayed
  • include a staff/volunteer contact number and an instruction to parents/carers to phone if there is any likelihood of late collection
  • ask parents to provide an alternative contact name or number, for staff/volunteers to use when they are not available on their usual number.

In cases of late collection, staff and volunteers should:

  • attempt to contact the child's parent or carer on their contact number
  • use the alternative contact name/number if necessary
  • wait with the child/young person at the sport facility, with other staff/volunteers or parents present if at all possible
  • remind parents/carers of the policy relating to late collection.

In cases of late collection, staff and volunteers should not:

  • take the child home or to any other location
  • send the child home with another person without permission from a parent or carer
  • ask the child to wait in a vehicle or sport facility with you alone.


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