Instructors - Sample Race Equality Policy

Agreed by the Committee (date)
Agreed at full Committee Meeting on (date)

The instructors and staff of this Karate club are opposed to all forms of racism which seek to disadvantage persons on the grounds of colour, culture or ethnic origin and comply with the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 which places a new duty on public authorities to promote race equality.
The instructors and staff will ensure that the racial minorities represented in this club are treated fairly in all areas of Karate life. We are an all inclusive Karate club which promotes racial equality and positive race relations. We aim to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination. We aim to ensure that all students develop an understanding of the variety and complexity of ethnic identities and cultures within Britain and the world and ensure that students recognise the harm that racial prejudice and racial discrimination cause.

This club will continue to re-appraise and develop its organisation in order to create an ethos that meets the needs of all its students and staff and so provide the best possible environment in which all may achieve their full potential.
This club will not tolerate racist behaviour such as name calling, stereotyping of all or any ethnic groups, insulting remarks, offensive graffiti, undue pressure on individuals and bullying.
This club will not use literature that is racially biased and dependent upon stereotypes, nor will it allow the distribution of racist literature or pamphlets or permit the wearing of racially offensive symbols.
This club aims to celebrate a broad range of cultures.
Parents/guardians will be consulted as appropriate.
Ethnic origin will have no bearing on the appointment of staff to any position within the club.

The instructors within this club will ensure that this club complies with its duty under the Race Relations (Amendment) Act.
The Chief Instructor is responsible for the implementation of this policy and ensuring all instructors are aware of their responsibilities and given training and support.
All instructors will be responsible for dealing with racist incidents, challenging racial bias and stereotyping and promoting racial equality.
Breaches of the Policy – anyone (student or instructor) found not to be complying with the policy will be disciplined in line with this club’s disciplinary policies.

This club will assess the impact of this policy by logging racially motivated incidents, both positive and negative, and reporting these to the Chief Instructor at least once every 12 months.

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