Instructors - Introduction

As instructors you probably already have a pretty good insight into how Karate works in the UK.

We have, however, come across some younger instructors who are not so aware of the importance of associations, how they can help build your career and clubs and how rulings, regulations and politics can impact on your students.

Becoming an instructor is often the first step in what may be a long path of progression through the Dan grades. As soon as you decide to open your first club you will have many practical decisions to make and a long checklist to consider including; association, syllabus, gradings, insurance, health and safety, data protection, child protection . . . there is quite a list!

In most cases your own instructor or club will provide a natural path and a great deal of support. We are not here to replace that - we are here to act as an additional resource and maybe help those who are 'going it alone'.

If your students are asking questions that you are struggling to answer then feel free to ask us! If we can help, we will . . .

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