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Sensei Greg Francis 6th Dan is a former British Karate international with over thirty years experience and the mastermind behind FIT2FITE™. Karatesite fully endorses and recommends FIT2FITE™.

Greg has devised his own martial arts based aerobic workout around practised fighting techniques merged with aerobic movement. It is intense but easy to follow and the music that it is set around is designed to lift, energise and relax at exactly the right beat to maximise both workout potential and enjoyment. FIT2FITE™ is endorsed by Skills Active.

Greg Francis is Founder/Creator of FIT2FITE™ Fighting Moves To Funky Grooves. He is an internationally renowned Karate Instructor and an acclaimed Fitness presenter. He also holds a degree in Social Science and is a Justice of the Peace (Magistrate).

Greg began Karate in East London at the age of 11 with David "Ticky" Donovan OBE the record breaking British All Styles Karate Coach/Manager. Greg comes from a breathtaking family of international athletes comprising two sisters and two brothers who all represented Britain at Karate. He earned his first England cap at 19 and went on to win the English and British Championships alongside a Silver medal at the World Championships in 1990 at Middleweight. Greg is also a socially conscious individual he has spent over six years volunteering as a mentor for disenchanted youths. He at 28 was also one of the youngest people appointed as a Magistrate (Justice of the Peace) in the UK. He still intermittently performs both roles as well as maintaining his career as a Senior Officer within the Civil Service.

Greg incorporated FIT2FITE™ as a company in 2007 and in the same year was appointed, Assistant England Karate Coach where he exposed the National Team to his training system, FIT2FITE™.. He held this position for 5 years under two World class coaches, Dr Wayne Otto, 5th Dan OBE and David "Ticky" Donovan 9th Dan OBE who also awarded Greg his 6th Dan in 2014 for services to Karate. Greg now acts as Head of Delegation for the National Team in its travels to International tournaments.

FIT2FITE™ continues to expand with over 150 certified Instructors and classes held daily across the UK and abroad. Approximately half the instructors are Fitness Instructors and the others Martial Artists including current and former members of the National Karate Team. Now with a newly constituted Administration and Training Team FIT2FITE™'s goal is to introduce the Martial Arts and Fitness Industry to a Training workout that not only delivers delivers, the fundamentals of fitness, strength, stamina and suppleness but is genuinely a fun workout for all.

Greg writes:

FIT2FITE™ is a harmonious marriage of martial art techniques rhythmically synchronised to the finest uplifting dance music to create an energy charged aerobic experience.  

FIT2FITE™’s blend of fluid combinations, dynamic techniques and progressive muscular strength and endurance component, embraces the fundamentals of physical and mental fitness as well as building strength, stamina and suppleness. The emphasis on technique, tension and intensity transforms fat to muscle, improves co-ordination and balance, develops core strength and increases cardiovascular fitness. These benefits are visually evident after a short period of regular attendance and committed, focused application.

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Tel: 07957 650634

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