Guest Columnists - Wado Spawn!

The degeneration of Wado continues .......

The degeneration of Wado continues as more and more Wado becomes watered down by lower ranked instructors constant splitting and independently running groups who have not fully appreciated the nuances of pure Wado.

Commercialism and the search for ‘instant results’ will always plague ‘intellectual Wado-ka’. We should be continuing to unify, not polarise ourselves from the traditional values in our Wado. Less Wado-based, and more Wado-ryu. In the world of Jurassic Park; “What was missing we just replaced with frog DNA”. Very soon, Wado will consist more of frog DNA and very little Wado.

Gary E Swift, 8th Dan.
Chief Instructor to the British Wadokai Karate-do. British Wadokai

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