Guest Columnists - The Kata

The Kata - Dave Hazard, 7th Dan

  • First there is the technique, the form, the movement, the dance.
  • Then there is the application, the meaning, the understanding, which gives purpose to the movement and dance.
  • Add the spirit, the feeling and the soul and you give the whole thing power and life.
  • To perform Kata without any of these attitudes, technique, application and feeling is not enough.
  • The dance alone may look quite beautiful but means nothing.
  • To understand the purpose without the dance "technique" is just controlled aggression.
  • The technique and purpose together will look good - but is not all.
  • Any athlete can obtain these attributes in sport.
  • But add spirit and the feeling , the performers natural timing and breathing - so important to fluency of movement - and the Kata rises above athletics or sport and into the realms of the martial arts.

Dave Hazard, 7th Dan.

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