Guest Columnists - Shotokan Karate

I feel we are very lucky to have such standard and knowledge in the UK for Shotokan Karate, from the late Sensei Enoeda has grown a strength of true Karate-ka such as Charles Naylor(late), Andy Sherry, O'Neill, Dave Hazard and many many more excellent influences.

For myself I was fortunate enough to find a strong club 30 years ago and train very hard under the guidance of the KUGB, at the time we had such people such as Mark Turner(1980 KUGB Kata champ) Glen Turner and Devon.

Training was blood, sweat and tears. For me it was a constant learning curve to develop a stronger attitude each time I trained to push myself 110%. This I feel today is the most important aspect of Karate.

I continued training to develop the understanding of Shotokan. Although Karate has given all the chance to compete it is important to remember the value of good old fashioned hard work. Even today I spend many evenings in our spare room training to get into the "zone" where you push yourself further forward.

When a student enters through the door they are judging your Karate, your standard, ability and teaching. It's easy to say do as I say not as I do but harder to lead by example.

In France there is a different edge to Karate it is very commercial and competitions are high on the list of things but for me I just train and do my own thing.

Standard to me is very important as this, through a strong attitude gives us the teaching of Shotokan and through this our character will develop.

Simon Williams, 6th Dan.

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