Guest Columnists - Introduction

To broaden the range of considered & informed articles on Karatesite we invite prominent members of the UK Karate scene to contribute to this section.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who contributes & hope their thoughts are helpful, valuable and most of all inspirational to you.

Although articles in this section are by invitation, if you feel you would like to submit an unsolicited item for consideration for publication please feel free to contact us. All articles should be the authors work and the author must own copyright.

As administrators, referees, students, instructors, parents and spectators you all have valuable opinions & experiences worth sharing with our Karate audience. All we ask is that you accept we retain editorial control of Karatesite and therefore submission is not a guarantee of publication. Also, your articles must not be libelous and should be written with the two basics of Karatesite in mind at all times, namely:

  Karate brings immeasurable benefits to all those who practice it. In a world with little emphasis placed on respect, discipline and commitment, Karate offers a way of life that is invaluable to both participants and society as a whole. Karate is worth all of us being passionate about it.   The National Bodies of Karate and all those who manage associations are accountable to the future generations now. The youngest Karate-ka are the grand masters of the future. The 9th Dans awarded in 2060 will be to the 10 year-olds training this week.  

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